China Opens Borders on Jan 8

Dear my friend

On late December 26th, 2022, the National Health Commission issued a notice General Program for the Implementation of “Category B” Management of Novel Coronavirus Infection, Below are specific policies:

① The Covid-19 pneumonia was renamed the novel coronavirus infection.

② With the approval of The State Council, the prevention and control measures for Class A infectious diseases stipulated in the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases shall be lifted from January 8, 2023; The novel coronavirus infection is no longer included in the administration of quarantinable infectious diseases as stipulated in the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of the People’s Republic of China.

Under the joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, the general plan for implementing Class B and B management for the novel coronavirus infection was released on the evening of 26, proposing to optimize the management of personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries. People coming to China should take a nucleic acid test 48 hours before departure. Those with negative test results may come to China. There is no need to apply for a health code from Chinese diplomatic and consular missions. If positive, relevant personnel should come to China after turning negative. Nucleic acid testing and centralized quarantine for all personnel upon entry will be canceled.

Post time: Jan-10-2023