HELA: New Design of Chair and Sofa Set From JACREA Are Coming

You can taste so conflict with both tough & sweet feeling during product developing, happy to share you our HELA range. Just like delivering a lovely baby when you see finished products and severely trimmed details, it comes a vivid life with laughing and smiling, no longer flat and boring when he is only computer drawing. Enjoy HELA.

————————————–Hela  alum. rope chair series ———————————–

电脑图 单椅2 电脑图 单椅1









Computer drawing chair 1                             Computer drawing chair 2

开发实物 单椅2开发实物 单椅1








 Develop prototype chair 1                            Develop prototype chair 2





————————————–Hela  alum. rope sofa series ———————————-


电脑图 沙发2

电脑图 沙发1-1









Computer drawing sofa  set 1                        Computer drawing sofa  set 2



开发实物 沙发1 开发实物 沙发2








Develop prototype sofa set 1                        Develop prototype  sofa set 2

Post time: May-20-2020